Business Analysis Examination


The Business Analysis exam validates your knowledge and experience in the Business Analysis practice. Becoming certified as a business analyst can move your career in a new direction because opportunities for Business Analysts are on the rise.

Before we go on to explain how the registration is done, let’s have a brief understanding of the Business Analysis practice itself.


Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change within an organization by identifying needs and recommending solutions that will deliver value to the stakeholders. It is a qualification that validates your Business Analysis expertise and experience. The Business Analysis certification course is for individuals who want to enter the Business Analysis profession and for experienced professionals. Basically, the Business Analysis course is for individuals who want to learn the act of identifying changes and facilitating its implementation within an organization.

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Different institutes like IIBA®, PMI and BCS offer the Business Analysis qualification course. For the purpose of this page, we will be explaining the IIBA’s Business Analysis exam procedure. Before we do, the IIBA’s Business Analysis qualification is in 3 levels and these are in the explanation below:

ECBA™ (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis): this level is also known as business analysis certification for beginners. This level is for individuals with no experience in the business analysis field. For example; graduates, career switchers, entrepreneurs etc.

CCBA® (Certificate of Capability in Business Analysis®): this level is designed for professionals with 2 to 3 years’ experience in the business analysis field. E.g. Project Managers, Consultants, Product owners, etc.

CBAP® (Certified Business Analysis Professional®): this level is for professionals with over 5 years of experience in the field.

The Business Analysis Exam is that path all prospective Business Analysts must thread in order to become a certified professional. Like every other professional certification, an exam is always conducted to test individuals’ knowledge on the course before being regarded as a professional.

There are two ways to sit the ECBA™/CCBA/CBAP which are:

                 Test Center

                 Remote Online Proctored Exam

All IIBA exams are now offered as online remote proctored exams that require a desktop or laptop, an internet connection, a working webcam, and microphone. Once you have made your exam payment, you will be directed to schedule and sit your exam via PSI

Contrary to people’s belief that the registration for the Business Analysis Exam is a daunting exercise, We can assure you that it is not. It is something you can do effortlessly on your own.

To guide you, we have come up with the following steps to enroll for your exam in a seamless manner. To enroll for any of the levels please ensure you meet the eligibility requirement for the level you want to sit its exam. The eligibility requirements are explained below:

ECBA eligibility requirements

Minimum of 21 hours of Professional Development Training

Agree to the ECBA™ Code of Conduct.

Sitting the ECBA exam does not require any prior Business Analysis experience. However,  ensure you attend the training before sitting the exam. This is to enable you to document the 21 hours of Professional Development Training.

CCBA eligibility requirements

Minimum 3750 hours of BA work experience aligned with the BABOK® Guide in the past seven years, including:

a minimum of 900 hours in each of two of the six knowledge areas or

a minimum of 500 hours in each of four of the six knowledge areas.

Minimum 21 hours of professional development training in the past four years.

Two references from a career manager, client, or CBAP® recipient.

Agree to the CCBA® Code of Conduct.

CBAP eligibility requirements

Minimum 7500 hours of BA work experience aligned with the BABOK® Guide in the past ten years, including:

a minimum of 900 hours in each of four of the six knowledge areas.

Minimum 35 hours of Professional Development Training in the past four years.

Two references from a career manager, client, or CBAP® recipient.

Agree to the CBAP® Code of Conduct.

Having met the requirements, the following steps will guide your application process: 

– Create an account with IIBA
The first thing to do while enrolling for the Business Analysis exam; is to create an account with IIBA (the coordinating body for Business Analysis).
Follow these steps to create an account with IIBA:

⇒ Log on to IIBA’s website ( 

How to enroll for business analysis exam

⇒ Click on ‘Login’ on the top menu of the page. You will be redirected to another page.

How to enroll for business analysis 

⇒ Click on ‘Register New User’

How to enroll for business analysis

⇒ Enter a valid email address 

How to enroll for business analysis exam

⇒ Complete the registration form and click on ‘Register new user’ 

How to enroll for business analysis exam 

⇒ Once you are done, you will be asked to check your mailbox for a verification mail in which you can change your password.

⇒ On the mail, click on the link to set your new password. 

How to enroll for business analysis

⇒Once you have submitted your new password, you will be directed to your profile page where other registrations will be done. 

– IIBA Exam Application 

⇒Click on ‘My profile’ on the top menu and complete your primary information.
IIBA exam application

⇒ Complete the important ‘Primary information’

IIBA exam application 

⇒ Choose how you want to be contacted, agree to terms and conditions, and accept the IIBA policy. Click on “Save Profile Information” 

IIBA exam application

⇒ Having done that, click on ‘Certification’ on the top menu 

⇒ Click ‘Apply’ on the certification you are applying to. For the purpose of this illustration, we clicked on Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) under the certification section.

IIBA exam application

⇒ Once clicked, you will be directed to the Application fee payment page where you will pay the Non-refundable Application fee for the certification you are applying to. The application fee for ECBA is $60 while it is $125 for CCBA & CBAP.  

IIBA exam application 


⇒ If you want to apply as a non-member: Go ahead and ‘Checkout’

IIBA exam application 

⇒ Edit your address if need be and click on ‘continue’ to complete the payment process. 

IIBA exam application 

⇒ Choose your payment method and fill in the necessary details. Click on “Process Payment” 

IIBA exam application 


⇒ To apply as a member of IIBA®, click on ‘Membership’, and select ‘Individual Membership Join Now’ 

IIBA exam application

⇒ Consent to being listed on the IIBA membership directory and agree to the policies and conditions. 

IIBA exam application 

⇒ The Application fee ($125), membership ($75) and activation fee ($10) summed up to ($210). Click on “Next” 

IIBA exam application 

⇒ Verify your address and click on “Continue” to go ahead with the payment process 

IIBA exam application

⇒ Choose a payment method, fill in the necessary details and click on “Process payment”

IIBA exam application 

⇒ After you successfully complete payment, you will be redirected to a page notifying you to download receipt. After that, Click on “Certification” and select “My PD Hours”

IIBA exam application 

⇒ Clicking on the “My PD Hours” will redirect you to another page. Click on “Add New” 

IIBA exam application 

⇒ Click on the drop-down icon and select “Work History”

IIBA exam application

For CCBA and CBAP recipient only: Fill in the details of your Business Analysis experience. Remember, they must align with the knowledge areas outlined in the BABOK Guide and you must fill in the number of hours you spent on each knowledge areas.

IIBA exam application 

⇒Having done that, save, click on “Add New” and keep documenting the projects you have worked on till you meet the IIBA’s requirements. 

IIBA exam application 

⇒ In the end, this is what it should look like. To make this easy for you, please visit our “Business Analysis Resources” page to download the Excel Sheet we have prepared to aid the “Work History” documentation. 

IIBA exam application 

⇒ After you have successfully completed the Work History documentation, Click on “Add New” and select “Professional development”. Here you will fill the mode and details of training you took.

IIBA exam application

⇒ Having completed the “Work History” and “Professional Development” hours documentation. Go back to “My Dashboard” and click on “Certification”

IIBA exam application

⇒ You will be redirected to another page where you will see how far you have gone with the Application Process. Click on “Get Started” to fill in the details of your references

IIBA exam application 

⇒ Fill in the details of your references – ensure the information you are entering is correct. Click on “Submit” when you’re done. 

IIBA exam application

⇒ Upon the successful submission the reference information, you will be redirected back to your certification page where you will Submit your Application. Click on “Get Started” here. 

IIBA exam application

⇒ Before you submit your application, ensure you Agree to the ‘Code of conducts’ and ‘Terms and conditions’.

IIBA exam application 

⇒ Upon submission of your Application, you will receive an email stating that you are either “approved” OR “approved pending audit”. If you are approved, the e-mail will contain instructions on paying the exam fee so you can schedule it. 

⇒ To pay your exam fee, find your way back to the Certification page and click on “Get Started” on the Pay Exam fee section 

IIBA exam application 

⇒ Click “Add to cart” and follow through with the process just like you did with the Application fee. 

IIBA exam application

To schedule your Exam, see the section below

Once you have made payment, a payment confirmation message is sent to you by email within one business day and you have up to 1 year from the date of your approval email to schedule your exam.

To register for the exam, take the following steps:

⇒ Click on “Get Started” on your exam dashboard. Once you do that, you will be redirected to PSI’s website

⇒ Click on ”View Details” to see the exam details, required identification details and other security procedures.

⇒ Click on ”Schedule Exam” 

⇒ Select  your preferred exam mode. You can choose between “Remote Online Proctored Exam” or “Test Center”

Note:  If you choose the Test Center option, you need to confirm if the Test center will be able to accommodate you for the exam date.

If you choose Online proctored as your delivery mode, your computer system requires an internet connection, a working webcam and microphone to verify your identity. Also, you are required to check and verify your System Compatibility HERE  and review PSI EXAMS FAQS for specific requirements.

⇒ Select a desired date and time  and book you exam

On the day of your Exam

⇒ Click “my exams” then the launch button

⇒ Verify your identity. You will be required to show Government Issued ID with English characters (such as a Driver’s license or passport). A photo will be taken of both you and your I.D.

⇒ Agree to PSI terms and conditions for the exam

⇒ Lastly, sit your exam

For ECBA, the exam is just 1 hour long while the CCBA/CBAP lasts for 3.45hours.

What happens next!

Within 24 hours following the completion of the exam, you will receive an email from IIBA that will confirm your exam result, provide feedback on each exam topic area covered and outline your next steps.  Exam results will include the pass/fail result as well as feedback on Knowledge

Areas and topics covered on the exam     

– Do I need to be a member of IIBA to apply for certification or to recertify? 

No, you do not need to be a member of IIBA to apply for the certification. Although, there are many benefits to being a member of IIBA. Benefits include, but are not limited to,

⇒ Discounted certification exam fees,

⇒ Discounted recertification fees,

⇒ A free PDF copy of the BABOK® Guide,

and much more. 

– What happens if I am selected for an Audit? 

You’ll never know until you try but random audits are performed for all levels of the certification framework. Being selected for an audit is nothing to be scared of, all you are required to do is provide evidence to validate the work experience, professional development, and references submitted in your application. ‘

– Can I opt for ECBA now then sit CCBA certification exam later? 

If you meet the eligibility requirements of the next level of certification (CCBA) you will need to start the application process for that designation and complete the application just like the first time.

If your application is approved, you can then sit that level’s (CCBA)certification exam. You will be able to reuse your prior work experience and professional development provided with your past application provided they still meet the next level eligibility requirements.

Note: This applies to those who are CCBA certified and wants the CBAP qualification. 

– Will I be able to use my previous work experience to apply for the next level certification? 

Yes, you will be able to reuse your prior work experience and professional development you used in your past application provided they still meet the next level eligibility requirements. 

– Which should I opt for CCBA or CBAP?

If you can meet the experience requirements for the CBAP, I would recommend pursuing it instead of the CCBA. If not, then consider the CCBA certification and, provided you are still leveraging your business analysis skills and expanding your business analysis experience, it is advised that you work towards qualifying for the CBAP before your CCBA recertification period. 

– How long do I have to wait after I submit my application? 

Applications are assessed immediately upon submission and payment of the application fee. You will not be able to submit your application unless you have met all of the eligibility requirements.  Once your online application shows that all requirements have been met (i.e. there is a green check mark in each of the requirements sections), you will be able to submit your application and pay the application fee.  Upon successfully completing payment of the application fee, you will immediately receive an email saying that you are either approved OR approved pending audit. If you are approved, the e-mail will contain instructions on how to pay IIBA for your exam and schedule it.

– What is my Eligibility ID number and where can it be found? 

Your Eligibility ID number is not your IIBA profile user number, but a 16-digit number generated after payment of your exam or exam rewrite fee has been successfully completed and used to schedule your exam.

Your eligibility ID number can be found at the bottom of the email you receive after you have successfully paid for your exam or rewrite exam fee. A new Eligibility ID number is generated each time you pay for an exam.’

– What kind of identification do I need on the day of exam? 

You are required to present one form of valid (non-expired), government-issued, photo- and signature-bearing ID in order to test. Please note that your primary ID does not contain a signature or photo, you will be required to present a secondary ID containing those.

Acceptable forms of primary ID are limited to:

⇒ Driver’s license

⇒ Passport

⇒ Military ID

(Outside of the US and Canada, National identity card is also acceptable as primary ID)

Acceptable forms of supplemental ID include:

⇒ Credit card

⇒ Bank (ATM) card

⇒ Employee ID card

Unacceptable forms of primary ID are:

⇒ Library card

⇒ Social Security card 

– What time should I arrive at the computer based testing center? 

It is advisable to arrive at your test center 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time for check-in procedures. Candidates who are late for the exam will not be allowed to take the exam. 

– How many times can I take the exam? 

You have one (1) year to successfully pass the exam from the day you received notice that your application has been approved.  A candidate can only attempt the exam three times, each at a fee, within the one-year period of your application. If within that one-year period you do not successfully complete or schedule your exam, on the day after your application expiry date, you will have to resubmit your application with new reference endorsements and repay the application fee. 

– When will I receive my exam results? 

You will get your exam results immediately after you submit your exam. Also, confirmation of your exam result will also be emailed to you by IIBA within 2 working days.

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