History of Change Management

History of Change Management

Before we proceed to talk about the history of Change Management, it is important to acknowledge that Change, as a concept has been around for as long as the beginning of time. Change is ubiquitous. Consequently, managing change is a concept, that arguably has occurred since the beginning of time.

From resisting change to embracing it, and even now recognizing change as a discipline, the evolution of Change Management will be discussed below:

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We can trace the history of Change Management to as far back as the 1900s. At that time the major interest was on how humans experience change. Many scholars such as Arnold Van Gennep, Richard Beckhard, and William Bridges among others made significant contributions towards the understanding of the change process.

Towards the 2000’s, Change Management was no longer just an idea that was approached by individuals.  It started gaining recognition in corporations. An example of such corporation is General Electric(GE) which launched the Change Acceleration Process as an aspect of its improvement program.

Presently, Change Management is now formalized, and training Institutes and organizations such as APMG have provided a platform for Change Management certification courses to be available. As a result, people can now become certified and identify as Change Management Professionals. This initiative has contributed to making Change Management as a discipline, mature.

Also, currently, Change Management can be integrated with other related disciplines such as Project Management and Agile Product Development to name a few. This is only a foretaste of what to expect from Change Management years to come.

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