ITIL 4 Framework

ITIL4 Framework

ITIL 4 formerly known as for Information Technology Infrastructure Library is regarded as the best practice guidance for IT Service Management.

The ITIL® framework has been around for a very long time. It has gone through a lot of evolutionary change and updates and the latest is the ITIL® 4. ITIL® 4 was announced in 2018 and was officially released February 2019.

The ITIL® 4 enables IT teams, to continue their vital role in modern business strategy. It expands on the previous versions, supporting existing investments in ITIL®, and provides a full-service digital operating model for delivering and operating tech-enabled products and services.

What this means is that it supports emerging technologies, such as robotics and A.I, by offering more practical and flexible support as technologies continue to develop. Although it still retains all the best bits from the previous version, ITIL® 4 will place a much greater emphasis on working holistically, especially when it comes to products and services delivery, and on the importance of working collaboratively.
The main components of the ITIL® 4 framework are the

  •  ITIL Service Value System and
  •  The Four dimensions model.

Table of Contents

The ITIL® SVS describe how both the component and the activities on which an organization works to enable Value creation.

These coupled with the organization’s resources can be configured and reconfigured in several flexible ways but it requires the incorporation and coordination of the activities, practices, teams, authorities, customers, stakeholders etc.; to be truly effective. This is to provide a strong value-focused direction for the organization.

The main input to the SVS is opportunity and demand. Opportunities are represented by possible ways to add value for stakeholders or ways to improve the organization. Demand is the need or desire for a particular product s service which could be amongst internal or external consumers.

The main outcome of SVS is value and its purpose is to ensure that the organization continually co-create with all stakeholders through the use and management of products and services.

The core components of the ITIL® SVS are:

– ITIL® Service Value Chain
– ITIL® Practices
– ITIL® guiding principles
– Governance
– Continual improvement. 

ITIL Service value system

The ITIL 4 framework defines 4 dimensions that support a holistic approach to service management. They are quite critical to the effective and efficient facilitation of value for both customers and other stakeholders in form of products and services.

The 4 dimensions are :

– Organizations and people
– Information and technology
– Partners and Suppliers
– Value Streams and Processes. 

Four dimensions model

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