8 skills you need to succeed as a project manager

There are numerous soft skills that are required by a project manager to ensure smooth project running. It is not enough to know how to use the various project management tools and methodologies available to manage the project, getting to use soft skills like leadership and communication is of utmost importance. Soft skills must be blended together with the hard skills to have the intended success in project managing.

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The key skills required are identified below:

1. Listening

Listening to customers helps to get clarity of what is intended to be delivered in a project. Effective project management requires capturing customer’s expectation; Listening during conversation brings a connection between you as a project manager and the project stakeholders and helps to build the needed trust required for managing projects respectively. A project manager must listen effectively so as to make the right judgement and not inferred decisions.

2. Learning fast

Learning fast is crucial in the project environment. Good project managers are fast learners. Learning fast is one major attribute that is required to gain control in a project environment. This will involve learning from the organization’s project histories and also learning vital lessons that will be required to effectively manage the different team members that report to him.

3. People skill

People skill makes Project managers get along well with individuals who have stakes in projects. Good project managers must-have. People are only motivated to work with people they respect and get along well with.

4. Communication

Communication is an essential part of managing projects; every project manager must be able to communicate clearly and concisely whether orally, in writing or schematically. . A project manager that cannot effectively communicate using the right project language will find it difficult to carry the stakeholders along.

5. Facilitation

Facilitation skill is an important attribute every project manager must possess. Meetings are the lifeblood of every project, and it is imperative that project managers can effectively facilitate these meetings to achieve the project objective.

6. Time management

Time has often been said to be “money”, poor time management will have a negative impact on projects objectives and ultimately can lead to project failure, and time has to be managed in project meetings and also in the delivery of project products.

7. Firmness

Firmness in decision making is important when managing a team and this is what a project manager must-have. Steven Covey said “The enemy of the best is the good” project manager must know the best thing to do and not just what is good to be done.

8. Calmness

Calmness under pressure is one of the rare attributes that is expected of a project manager. Projects do not always go as planned and there will be obvious reasons to think the “boat is about to capsize”. Being calm and able to analyse the situation is important so as to make the right decisions in such turbulent circumstances.

2 thoughts on “8 skills you need to succeed as a project manager”

  1. Hello there! 🌟 Just finished reading your article on the essential skills for succeeding as a project manager, and I couldn’t help but be impressed by how spot-on your insights are. Your breakdown of the key skills needed in this role is not only informative but also a great guide for anyone aspiring to excel in project management.

    Your emphasis on communication skills really resonated with me. It’s true that effective communication can make or break a project, and your explanation of how project managers need to be clear, concise, and adaptable in their communication style is absolutely on point. Your mention of active listening as a crucial aspect is a reminder of the often overlooked yet immensely important skill.

    Your discussion on leadership skills is a game-changer. As you rightly pointed out, project managers are the glue that holds teams together, and your description of how leadership goes beyond just giving orders speaks volumes. The insights you’ve provided about motivating and empowering team members showcase your deep understanding of the role.

    I also appreciated your focus on technical and analytical skills. In today’s digital age, being able to navigate tools and analyze data is essential for effective project management. Your article served as a wake-up call for me to continuously hone these skills to stay relevant in the field.

    Overall, your article is a valuable resource for both aspiring and seasoned project managers. Your writing style is engaging, and your insights are backed by experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and shedding light on the skills that truly matter in this dynamic role. Looking forward to more enlightening reads from you!

  2. Hey there, Harry! I just finished reading your article on project management skills, and I couldn’t help but drop a comment. First off, kudos on putting together such an insightful piece. As someone who’s been in the project management game for a few years now, I’m always on the lookout for fresh perspectives, and your article delivered just that!

    Your breakdown of the eight essential skills a project manager needs hit the nail on the head. Communication, leadership, and adaptability are undoubtedly at the core of successful project management. I’ve personally found that the ability to adapt and pivot when things don’t go as planned is a game-changer. Your real-life examples and practical tips were also a highlight for me. It’s one thing to list skills, but it’s another to provide actionable advice on how to improve them. Your article struck that perfect balance.

    I especially appreciated your emphasis on the importance of emotional intelligence. It’s often underestimated in the field, but as you rightly pointed out, it can make all the difference in building strong relationships with team members and stakeholders. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Harry. Looking forward to more articles from you in the future! Keep up the fantastic work.
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