AgilePM Vs. Scrum

AgilePM vs Scrum
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Traditional methods such as PMBOK and PRINCE2 has been the standard of running projects all over the world for a long while now. In recent times, however, Agile methodologies have been gaining ground due to their responsiveness and flexibility in responding to the increasing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity (VUCA) of business environments today. Some of the benefits of using agile in VUCA environments include: improved revenue, developing the right product (through iterative development and incremental delivery) and customer satisfaction (through collaboration). Because Agile itself is highly deregulated, It is not surprising that there are over twenty agile approaches in the world today; ranging from Scrum to Kanban, to Extreme Programming, to DSDM, to DAD, to SaFE, the list goes on. All these agile approaches are effective in their own way.


Scrum is an agile framework for developing products within which people can identify and address complex problems, while creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. Within the Scrum team, there are three major roles which consist of; the Product Owner, Development team, and the Scrum Master.

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AgilePM is an acronym for Agile Project Management, and as the name implies, it is an Agile Framework for managing agile projects effectively. AgilePM is based on the Dynamic Systems Development Method(DSDM Atern), the only Agile method to fully contend with the concept of a project, and provide guidance on how to manage agile projects.

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When looking for a certification to take, it can seem like an arduous task. If you are in an environment that is fully agile, and you do not know whether to take the AgilePM certification or the Scrum certification, you should get enough information regarding the two qualifications; to enable you to make informed decisions. This is a good place to start. The table below draws a comparison between the AgilePM and Scrum methodologies:


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