PRINCE2 Versus PMP Certification

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Project Management Practitioners are in high demand globally; this is because of the changes in our society which brought about more innovative way of thinking and consequently, projects. Organizations are not just searching for project managers to deliver projects, rather, project managers with requisite knowledge and expertise at delivering projects successfully.

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PRINCE2 and PMP Qualification explained

PRINCE2 and PMP are two of the most popular project management certifications available globally. Most professionals are, however; confused as to what differentiates these two certifications from each other.

PRINCE2 is an acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environments; it is a methodological approach to managing projects. It is originated from UK Government as a solution to failed public projects and now owned by AXELOS – a joint venture between UK Cabinet Office and Capita. It is widely used in over 150 countries as at today, it is a methodological approach to project management.

PMP certification is centred on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), and the copyright owner is PMI. It is an examination taken to demonstrate the mastery of project management by professionals; hence it is for experienced project managers and not for greenhorns in project management. The PMBoK guideline is a set of standard that is required to be complied with, for effective project management within the global best practice.

Before we go on to explain the differences between the PMP and PRINCE2, let take a look at some of their similarities.

Similarities between PRINCE2 and PMP

  • Both cover project management activities or processes.
  • Both are globally recognized project management qualifications.
  • Both have starter and practitioner level qualifications. [e.g CAPM & PMP, Foundation & Practitioner].
  • Both are accepted in Nigeria [this is proven by Job adverts]
  • What PMP calls “Knowledge Area” is what PRINCE2 calls “Themes”
  • Both cover the ISO 21500.

Differences between PRINCE2 & PMP Certification


Both qualifications PRINCE2 and PMP  are not competing rather they complement each other. They are useful for any project manager and provide the required capabilities necessary to deliver successful projects. 

As evident from the differences above; to be a full-fledged project manager, you need to be equipped with the knowledge of both certifications, as both of them are deficient in one area or the other.

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