What is ITIL 4?

What you need to know about ITIL® 4

ITIL® 4 is an acronym that stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library version 4. It is a globally-recognized, best standard methodology for managing Information Technology (IT) services. ITIL® 4 provides practical, tested and trusted guidance for establishing a service management system. To ensure consistent and excellent service delivery, ITIL® 4 provides a glossary of terms and other resources for tech-inclined businesses.

As the global standard for IT service management, ITIL® 4 supports organizations and individuals to gain optimal value from IT and digital services. Today, tech-driven organizations all around the world are adopting ITIL® 4.

Changes in today’s business world
What used to work for businesses years ago do no longer work today. In other words, new ways of doing things continue to emerge every second. For instance, most IT-inclined businesses use traditional process-led delivery when delivering services. This approach is slow and unresponsive. Sadly, organizations have come to realize that they need to adjust and adapt to new ways of delivering services to customers.

The fourth industrial revolution
Today, we interact more with technology than with people. More than ever before, we are in a time where technology and digitization have become part of our lifestyle. The changes we experience today are brought about by a shift from the third industrial revolution to the fourth industrial revolution.
The fourth industrial revolution is characterized by breakthroughs in emerging technologies. Some of the fields where these breakthroughs have been recorded are robotics, internet of things, artificial intelligence, etc. The advent of the digital world creates a dynamic, fast-paced and complex environment.

The need for a standard
To cope with the demands of digitization, there is a dire need to come up with a standard for managing IT services. Without a standard, it becomes difficult to catch up with the pace of globalization. The standard must be one that addresses the current complexities in tech-driven businesses. In addition, the standard must be flexible and responsive enough to allow for continuous improvements.

ITIL® 4 as a solution
ITIL® 4 was developed to address the challenges in today’s digital world. It provides a practical and flexible foundation for setting up IT-enabled services. Apart from this, ITIL® 4 provides an all-inclusive IT operating model for the operation and delivery of products and services. As a methodology, ITIL® 4 helps businesses to effectively and efficiently align their human, digital and physical resources.
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Benefits of ITIL® 4 to organizations and individuals
The tide of digitization is blowing every business. As a result, it is important for organizations to adopt and implement ITIL® 4 in order to gain competitive edge in today’s complex landscape. Adoption and implementation of ITIL® 4 helps organization reduce costs, increase revenue, and staff productivity, among others.
Individuals are also not left out. With a globally-recognized certification such as ITIL® 4, individuals can demonstrate to their employers or would-be employers that they have what it takes to manage and deliver tech-enabled products and services.
Please, visit our ‘benefits of ITIL® 4’ page to learn more.

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