Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

Importance or benefits of Lean Six Sigma

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Lean Six Sigma. But before we begin the discussion on the benefits of Lean Six Sigma, let us look at the meaning of Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is an approach that uses well-defined processes to remove waste and reduce variation in products or services. It has been adopted by leading organisations in Manufacturing, IT, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, etc. sectors as the process improvement and quality management methodology or framework.

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In the highly competitive world we live in today, organizations and individuals strive to deliver quality products and services to satisfy customers’ needs. In order to constantly meet and sometimes exceed customers’ expectations, individuals and organizations opt for Lean Six Sigma for different reasons. However, for the purpose of this discussion, we will look at the benefits of Lean Six Sigma to individuals and organizations as seen below:

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Reasons why individuals should take Lean Six Sigma qualification or certification abound, a few of them are covered below:

Increased employment prospect and marketability

With the great demand for well-informed and skilled people, it is essential for individuals to be on top of their game. Furthermore, the need for professionals in process improvement and quality management domain is ever-increasing. For instance, it is no surprise that certified professionals are among the most sought-after professionals in the world today. A solid understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology puts you ahead. Hence, you can increase your chances of getting employed or changing your job.

Improved earning potential

Lean Six Sigma certification proves your competence and credibility in improving processes and managing quality. Most employers want to hire and retain certified Lean Six Sigma professionals. Lean Six Sigma certified professionals are individuals who have a broad scope of knowledge of other domains. Examples of these domains are project management, business analysis, information technology (IT), etc. They can effectively and efficiently manage different responsibilities and tasks which will ultimately increase their earning potential.

Improved leadership

Leadership is one of the top-rated skills today. All around the globe, leaders are either shapers or shakers, but they always get things done. Effective leadership helps you to lead teams more effectively to achieve set goals and objectives.

The knowledge and application of Lean Six Sigma methodology will help you to lead teams better. This is because you will understand, implement and manage processes better.

Improved quality results and confidence

With sound knowledge and application of Lean Six Sigma, you will produce reliable, quality results with increased efficiency, predictability and consistency.

Also, knowledge of Lean Six Sigma enhances your confidence in delivering results. Remember that nothing else gives confidence as knowledge.

Increased innovation

Having a sound knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology will help you to understand how processes can be improved upon to meet specific needs. Besides this, you are equipped with the requisite skills, methods, and tools on how to go about developing, implementing and managing new ideas on process improvement and quality management. Consequently, you will become indispensable wherever you find yourself.

The following are the advantages or benefits of Lean Six Sigma to organizations:

Reduced cost

Most organizations today face the issue of rising costs. You may ask, “how can Lean Six Sigma help my organization reduce cost?” The answer is very simple. Lean Six Sigma methodology helps organizations reduce cost by removing waste from production or processes and reducing variation or defects in products or services. This will help you save more in terms of cost.

As a matter of fact, General Electric (GE) was able to save more than $12 billion over 5 years by adopting and implementing Six Sigma. Many other well-known organizations have saved billions of dollars by adopting and implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Increased revenue

Improving processes and managing quality lead to high quality and improved products and services. Consequently, you will delight your customers and make them patronize you often.

Also, your bargaining power will increase significantly because your customers will be willing to pay for quality products and services. You can imagine the feeling that comes when your customers give you that ‘wow!’ smile. Happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers are advocates for your products or services.

Increased staff productivity

A writer once said “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” To know better and do better require knowledge of the most relevant framework that will increase your staff productivity. Certainly, knowledge of Lean Six Sigma will help your employees to achieve more in a short space of time.

Mark of quality

As a global framework for process improvement and quality management, Lean Six Sigma has been adopted by many trusted and well-known organizations cutting across different sectors such as manufacturing, oil & gas, financial services and IT, among others. Therefore, adopting and implementing Lean Six Sigma in your organization proves that you recognize the need for quality and professionalism and that you can be trusted by people.

Improved communication

Effective communication is a critical success factor within any organization.  Employees who work within an organization need a common language of communication to foster unity, cohesion, and cooperation of team members and departments. Understanding the Lean Six Sigma methodology gives a sounding board for employees to be in harmony with process improvement and quality management awareness.

Increased efficiency

Adoption and implementation of Lean Six Sigma enable organizations to do more with less. This leads to enhanced productivity and a great return on investment.

From the foregoing discussion on the benefits of Lean Six Sigma to individuals and organizations, it is obvious that you or your organization should not waste a second thinking about whether to take the course or not. What you should be thinking about right now is ‘how do I get started?’ Lean Six Sigma is the way to go! Eliminate waste and reduce defects with Lean Six Sigma and create a competitive advantage for yourself and your organization.

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